Traditional, sleek and contemporary. SIFU, pronounced “see-foo”, is a Chinese eatery on the Gold Coast that will take you on an extraordinary culinary journey. Our master wok chef creates authentic Cantonese and Schezuan experiences, using a skillful blend of traditional methods and modern cooking techniques that will excite your tastebuds.

SIFU is a title for a Skillful Master.

Indulge in unique specialty dishes that celebrate premium local products plated with precision.

Amazing local produce and the freshest quality seafood shine, whether in simple noodle dishes or traditional Schezuan spice and sizzle plates.

Choose to relax in our main dining areas, perfect for solo diners or small groups, or indulge in a private dining room, perfect for business and social gatherings. Whatever your choice, you’ll enjoy SIFU’s extraordinary service.

SIFU Special Offer

Tucked away in Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, SIFU offers a sleek and contemporary Chinese dining experience.