To make sure you stay on top of your bridesmaid duties, we’ve created a checklist of everything you should bring for the busy weekend. To make sure your friend’s wedding and your day as a bridesmaid goes off without a hitch, don’t forget to bring along these all-important items.


  1. The Important Stuff

First up, get across all of the logistics of the day. Make sure you have a print out of all the important details, the itinerary, and the timeline. That way, you’ll always know where to be and when to be there, while helping your bride navigate her day without any hiccups.

  1. Staying in Touch

It’s also a good idea to program useful numbers into your phone at the very start of the day. As a bridesmaid, make sure you have the contact names and numbers of the groom, best man, other bridesmaids and maid of honour and the parents of the bride. This can be very handy when you’re all in separate cars or at different locations.

  1. Snack Time 

Wedding days can often be a blur for bridesmaids, as you’ll be running around from morning to night. Between the photos, ceremony, reception and everything in between, don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of water. Make sure the bride keeps her food and hydration levels up throughout the day. She may not have much appetite on the day, but make sure you pack a bag of healthy food that’s easy to snack on at downtime. And sneak in some of her favourite chocolates or treats as well!

  1. Sippy Straws

Think straws are just for the kids’ table? Think again. Bringing a pack of plastic straws means you and the bridal party can stay hydrated without ruining your make up! The bride will love this neat little trick for her day.

  1. Something in Your Eye?

Trust us – you can never have too many tissues with you on the day of your best friend’s wedding, or your own special day. Whether it’s to dry those happy tears or fix up the bridal party’s makeup, having some packs of mini tissues will be a life saver on the day. 

  1. Banish Pain

Weddings are always a super emotional and busy time. This is when pain can often strike in the form of a headache, migraine or aches and pains. Be well prepared and pack some pain killers in your bag for anyone who starts to suffer throughout the day.

  1. Dancing Shoes

Speaking of pain, a handful of Band-Aids or sticky plasters is always a good idea, for when those new bridesmaid shoes start feeling the pinch. The bride will also be thankful when her own feet start to ache after a long day in heels. This way, you can keep dancing well into the night.

  1. Get Charged

Save the day when the bride’s mobile phone inevitably runs out of battery! Make sure you take along a charger to fit her model of phone as well as your own. There’s nothing worse than wanting to take a photo or upload one to social media, but having your phone dead and out of juice. Weddings days often start early and extend right into the night – make sure your phones last the distance.

  1. Extend Yourself

Thought taking care of the phone chargers was a good idea? This next one will get you even more brownie points with the bride. Pack a power board extension lead and you’ll always have enough outlets for everyone’s phone chargers, straightening irons or curling wands. You’ll be the toast of the bridal party with this one for sure!

  1. Making News

Last but not least, make your friend’s wedding day extra special by taking along a copy of her favourite daily newspaper. That way, you can incorporate the newspaper into your getting ready photos, showing the date and adding a unique detail to the day’s photos.


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