Worried about getting a good night’s sleep while travelling? If you’ve booked a hotel room for an important event or work meeting, it’s vital that you wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready for your day.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to getting a better night’s sleep in a hotel – covering everything from what you should ask when making your booking to how to prepare your hotel room.

Read on for our top tips to sleep better in your next hotel.



Pack for a Good Night’s Sleep 

Our number one tip for getting a better sleep in a hotel room – make sure you pack your earplugs! A pair of good quality, comfortable earplugs will block out disruptive street noise such as traffic, construction noise, and pedestrians, as well as the sound of guests and staff inside your hotel.

Other Items to Bring

  • Sleep masks can also be a great idea while travelling, blocking out any annoying light and setting a good sleep hygiene routine.
  • You may also like to consider packing your own pillow. We all sleep better with a familiar pillow, that’s not too hard and not too soft.
  • Some particularly well-prepared hotel guests bring along a couple of neat stationery items to help them get a better night’s sleep – pack a small binder clip to keep curtains properly closed, plus a strip of electrical tape that you can use to cover any annoying flashing lights from devices in your room.

Before Your Arrival 

One of the best things you can do to guarantee a better sleep is to avoid any disturbances in the first place. You can take care of this when making your booking.

Request a room situated on a high up floor, above any intrusive street noise. Also, make sure your room is far away from any elevators. This ensures that there are far fewer people walking past your room late at night.

Ask for a kettle in your room so you can make tea once you arrive. Not all hotel rooms have tea and coffee making facilities, but if you ask when making your reservation you should be able to get a kettle included. This way, you can pack some comforting tea from home to brew up before bed. Herbal teas with chamomile, vanilla, lemongrass or ginger are always very soothing and relaxing. You’ll soon feel right at home in your hotel room sipping your tea.

Prepare Your Hotel Room for Sleep 

If you still struggle with noise or find ear plugs uncomfortable, try turning on the room’s fan or air conditioner for a comforting white noise backdrop. You can also use handy apps on your smartphone that create white noise, blocking out noises from the street and other guests.

Some hotels provide relaxing rooms sprays or scented candles to help guests relax and feel at home. Ask your hotel if they have any pillow sprays or essential oil blends available before you retire for the evening.

Get a Guaranteed Good Night Sleep on the Gold Coast

Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise offers a good night sleep guarantee. We provide designated quiet zones for those who are travelling for business, or for guests who need a good night sleep for an important event.

The hotel even provides guests with beautifully scented aromatherapy sprays to use in their rooms, to create a relaxing and ambient environment. Wake-up calls can also be arranged for your convenience, allowing you to switch off and get a good night’s sleep during your stay.


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