Sky Dining

Horizon Sky Dining, the Queensland’s One and Only Revolving Restaurant!



Take your dining experience to new heights at Horizon Sky Dining!


Get ready to immerse yourself in breathtaking coastal panoramas from our enchanting rooftop setting.

Embark on a journey where you’ll not only savor delectable buffets crafted by our skilled chef and dedicated culinary team but also witness iconic Gold Coast landmarks in all their splendor.

We’ve carefully curated a selection of drinks that perfectly complement your meal and enhance your evening.

Sip on handcrafted cocktails expertly mixed by our skilled bartenders, or explore our wine list featuring local and international vintages to find the perfect pairing for your palate. For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, our refreshing mocktails and a variety of soft drinks are sure to please.

Whether you’re toasting to a special occasion or simply unwinding with friends, our beverage menu is designed to elevate your dining experience, ensuring that every sip is as memorable as the view from our captivating rooftop location.


Daily Food Menu Below:
Horizon Sample Brunch Menu

Horizon Beverage Menu

Horizon Sample Lunch & Dinner Menu    



Brunch Hours:

Sunday: 11:00am – 2:30pm

Lunch Hours (Thurs – Sat): 12:00pm – 2:30pm 

First Seating: Thurs – Sat, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Second Seating: Thurs – Sat, 8:00pm – 9:30pm



Adults | $110 per person

Kids (3-12yo) | $65 per person


Lunch: $110 per person

Dinner: $125 per person

Kids (3-12yo) | $65 per person

Saturday – Sunday Brunch

Adults | $125 per person

Kids (3-12yo) | $65 per person


No-show policy: Due to the capacity limits of our restaurant, if your booking has failed to show without notice within 15 minutes of your booked time, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

For any bookings with 16 or more, please email [email protected]

Terms and conditions apply.



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