Hotel Hacks from Professional Travellers

There’s nothing better than knowing how to get great hotel rates, free upgrades and the most comfortable rooms on your next hotel visit.

Whether you’re travelling for business, or taking a well-deserved break, you’ll want your hotel to offer you all the comforts of home plus more. Many hotels have hidden extras and secret offers, meaning there are ways you can make your next hotel stay even better.

We’ve put together some handy hotel hacks to help you get better rates and free extras, as well as ways you can tweak your hotel room to make it as comfortable as possible.

hotel hacks surfers paradise

Staying a While?

If you plan on staying somewhere for more than a week, contact the hotel directly to negotiate a lower rate. It’s more for the hotel to keep one customer than to turn over the room constantly.


Make Friends with the Front Desk

The staff at your hotel’s front desk hold the power to a world of extras or an upgrade to that balcony room or fancy suite if available. Be nice, be charming, but don’t ever be overbearing or pushy.


Check Out the Rooms First

There’s nothing wrong with asking to see a few different rooms when you arrive at your hotel. Many hotels will try to fill their standard rooms first, meaning you could miss out on a room with the perfect view when it’s standing empty just down the hall.

Rooms in hotels can vary greatly, particularly with smaller, boutique hotels. Ask to see a few options before you make up your mind – by checking out the options first, you won’t be left wondering if you’ve got the room most suitable for you.


Ask the Hotel to Price Match

Hotels can pay a commission to online booking sites. So call the hotel itself, for the best rate, and everyone wins. It’s worth a shot. Some hotels will offer a price match guarantee, which is also well worth the research.


Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise offers a Best Price Guarantee. If you’ve found a cheap rate on a hotel booking website, simply call or email to get a price match directly from the hotel.

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